Row over ticket refunds after Scotland's National Airshow washout

Aviation enthusiasts have flown into a row with airshow organisers after their event was washed out by the weather.

A wash out atSaturday's airshow
. Picture: Alistair Linforth.
A wash out atSaturday's airshow . Picture: Alistair Linforth.

Safety fears for pilots and spectators left bosses of Scotland’s National Airshow no choice but to pull the plug on most of Saturday’s airborne displays.

But they incurred the wrath of flight fans after posting on social media no refunds will be given as ground exhibits at East Fortune Airfield were still on.

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“As the event hasn’t been cancelled we won’t be issuing refunds,” read a Facebook post from National Museums Scotland.

rew members sitting under the wing of a spitfire. Picture: Alistair Linforth.

“A reduced display is taking place, with the first plane due up very soon. Again, we’re sorry for any disappointment.”

Major attractions grounded included the Red Arrows display team and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

“We appreciate how disappointing this is and apologise,” continued the museum’s post. “However, there is still lots going on the ground, and all our hangars are open.”

But punters pointed out ground displays are usually available at nearly half the price - £12 for an adult as opposed to the £22 airshow entry.

rew members sitting under the wing of a spitfire. Picture: Alistair Linforth.

“Reduced display? The only thing in the sky is the birds!” Replied Maximilius Power. Others called for partial or full refunds while Jen Good labelled the response “not good enough.”

Lewis Shand pointed out: “The event has materially changed from what has been advertised and renders you in breach of contract. You are legally required to issue refunds.”

Jordan Dick argued: “Partial refunds should be given. If the display has been reduced. So should the ticket price.”

And Albert J Stirling reasoned: “You can’t honestly expect people to pay £22 for a museum, they paid for the displays and you haven’t delivered.

“I hope most people that booked online apply to their banks for a refund as they haven’t been given the service they paid for.”

Paul Cieslar posted: “In fairness NMS, we can show up any other day of the year to enjoy the exhibits.

“We pay a premium to view the air display and while the weather is outwith your control, I’d be amazed if anyone left today feeling that they got their money’s worth.”

And organisers appeared to have a rethink yesterday, advising fans to keep their tickets and check the museum website for a further announcement today “concerning refunds.”

A statement on the museum’s website read: “Unfortunately due to unexpectedly severe weather conditions across the UK, many of the aircraft which were due to display at Scotland’s National Airshow today had to cancel their appearances.

“There was a full programme of events on the ground, as well as the chance to explore the Museum’s hangars including Scotland’s Concorde, and two recently redeveloped historic hangars which are packed with fascinating civil and military aviation displays.

“We apologise for the disappointment caused to our visitors as a result of these changes, which have been caused by poor weather and were outwith our control.”