Rosslyn to keep field as car park

Trustees of Rosslyn Chapel have been given permission to continue using a nearby field as a car park for visitors to the historic site.

The Rosslyn Chapel Trust applied for planning permission to use the field located to the north of Chapel Loan as a car park for a further two years.

Midlothian Council approved the proposals at a recent meeting. The field has been used for visitors' vehicles while renovation work continues at the site.

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The building is in need of major conservation work, with a 13 million improvement project under way to restore and enhance the attraction.

Renovation work has been needed on attraction for decades, partly because of the poor quality of a major revamp in the 1950s.

The A-listed chapel, which dates back to 1446, is renowned for its intricate carvings, featuring symbols of the Knights Templar, Christianity, Freemasonry and mythology.