Rosslyn halts search for Holy Grail

TONY Robinson, the celebrated presenter of many a historical documentary, has been shown the door by staff at Rosslyn Chapel.

Robinson, who hit the big time as hapless Baldrick in the Blackadder comedy series, was lined up to present a programme about the chapel, which is at the centre of worldwide interest following the publication of global bestseller The Da Vinci Code.

Managers at Rosslyn, Midlothian, refused Wildfire Television, the production company behind the project, permission to film because so many documentary-makers have visited in recent months and they are worried about preserving the reputation of the site.

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Hollywood producers are finalising plans for a film of The Da Vinci Code, and speculation is rife they will film at Rosslyn, with the possibility of George Clooney on the cast list.

But Rosslyn director Stuart Beattie has accused documentary companies of sensationalising Rosslyn.

It has been suggested an underground vault contains the Holy Grail, a cup from which Christ drank, and the Ark of the Covenant.

Wildfire Television has been commissioned by Channel 4 to make a documentary about the Holy Grail, with Robinson as presenter, but their quest came to a halt when they approached the Rosslyn Chapel Trust.

Beattie said: "Wildfire were involving expert speakers that don't sit happily with the trust."

Wildfire may allow the trust to have a say in the programme’s content in return for access.

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