Rapist proposed to victim in bid to avoid jail

A FRENCH restaurant worker who proposed to a woman that he repeatedly raped has been jailed for eight years.
The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPLThe High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL
The High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: TSPL

Alain Climent,50, wanted the female to marry him so she wouldn’t be able to give evidence about how he abused her.


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The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Climent asked his 52-year-old victim after sexually assaulting her at a location in Lanarkshire in November 2013.

He had appeared in court on the rape charge two days after the charge.

A sheriff granted him bail on the condition he didn’t contact her.

But he ignored the court order and subjected the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to a terrifying campaign of terror.

The court heard how he hid in a loft at the woman’s home in March 2014 and jumped on her when she returned to the property.

Climent, originally of Paris, then raped her for a second time.

The court also heard that he then sexually assaulted the woman on another occasion one month later.

Eventually Climent, a prisoner of HMP Addiewell in West Lothian, was brought to justice by police who launched an investigation into his activities.

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On Thursday, judge Lord Glennie, told Climent that he had no other option but to send him to prison.

He also ordered Climent - who has 43 previous convictions for breach of the peace and assault - to be supervised by the authorities for five years following his release from prison.

Climent’s reign of terror came to an end after a jury convicted him on rape, sexual assault and assault charges last month.

Sentence was deferred to Thursday for the court to obtain reports about his character.

He was also convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice, breaching the peace and repeatedly breaching bail.

During proceedings, Climent’s victim told the court how he first raped her at an address in a Lanarkshire village in November 2013.

He was arrested and appeared in court two days following the attack.

A sheriff granted him bail on the condition that he didn’t approach the woman.

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But Climent simply ignored the order. In March 2013, he went to a house where the woman was staying and hid in a loft there.

When she arrived home, Climent jumped on top of the woman before raping her.

In April 2014, Climent sexually assaulted the woman at a location in Lanarkshire. He also physically assaulted her.

The court also heard that he was also terrified of being jailed and attempted on various occasions to stop the woman from giving evidence against him.

On one occasion, he asked the woman to marry him.

Climent did this because he thought that wives couldn’t give evidence against their husbands.

The woman told the court: “He said he was not supposed to be near me but he said he was willing to take the risk.

“He had asked if I would withdraw the statement to the rape and sexual assault.

“He said that if he had to go to court he would lose contact with his family.”

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The woman also told the court that Climent told her to contact his lawyer. He supplied her with his solicitor’s name.

She added: “He said that if there was to be a court case, I would have to watch my back.”

However, the woman did not agree to Climent’s outrageous demands and police managed to bring him to justice.

During proceedings, Climent denied attacking the female.

Giving evidence, he said: “I know I have not done these crimes. I have never raped anybody.”

However, a jury refused to believe him.

On Thursday, defence advocate Ian Duguid QC said his client was “deeply sorry” for how he behaved towards his victim.

He said that he intended to France at the end of his jail sentence to live with his daughter in Brittany.

Mr Duguid added: “He does intend to move out of this country to live in France at the end of his incarceration.

“He expects a custodial sentence for these offences.

“There is no doubt that he will not be at liberty for some period of time following these proceedings.”

“He is by no means an unintelligent man.”


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