Raoul Moat: Ten questions about the case

Q WHY was Raoul Moat's family not allowed to speak to him during the stand-off?

A Angus Moat was told police were concerned any contact with family might unlock painful memories and exacerbate the situation.

Q Why was he shot twice with Tasers?

A It MAY have been that Moat's behaviour indicated an increasing risk of suicide.

Q How was Moat able to evade the police for a week?

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A He IS believed to have been hiding in a storm drain that led to a network of tunnels beneath Rothbury. Locals insist police were seen examining the drains. Northumbria Police has refused to comment.

Q Did Moat have a second gun?

A Police believe there is intelligence to suggest he had more than one weapon and so are searching the area.

Q Was Raoul Moat a police informer?

A There were reports yesterday that Moat, who had been arrested 12 times, was able to avoid being charged as he was a police informer. Northumbria Police will neither confirm nor deny the allegation.

Q Why was Raoul Moat released if he was viewed as a danger to his girlfriend?

A Durham Prison reported their fears to Northumbria Police but had no legal authority to detain him after he had completed his sentence.

Q What mistakes were made by the Northumbria Police?

A They appeared not to have acted on the warning by Durham Prison. They failed to keep a watch on the house of Andy McAllister, a close friend of Moat, and so missed him when he returned to hand over a 49-page statement. They described him as "nutter" during a press conference and then had to apologise after Moat threatened to kill members of the public if "inaccurate information" was published.

Q Will any heads roll over the handling of the case?

A It depends, in part on the conclusions of the Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry. There will also be an inquest.