RAF spy planes join forest hunt for missing woman

RAF spy planes are reported to be joining the search for missing Edinburgh woman Suzanne Pilley.

Police have been scouring 100,000 acres of forest in Argyll for the remains of the missing bookkeeper, who they believe was murdered.

Now, in order to find her body and help catch her killer, reports today said they would be calling on RAF Tornado GR4 reconnaissance jets.

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The planes, which have state of the art RAPTOR reconnaissance pods, would take photos of the area so detailed they could reveal disturbed ground or scraps of clothing. They would potentially help officers cover the huge territory of the Argyll and Queen Elizabeth forest parks.

If it happened, it would be the first time the jets have ever taken part in a police hunt in Scotland, and it is reported the search would cost 34,000 an hour.

Spy planes based at RAF Lossiemouth are currently deployed in Afghanistan, but a spokesman said police requests for help would "take primacy".

However, neither the RAF or Lothian and Borders Police would comment on the reports today.