Question Time the answer to finding love for Scots

SCOTS looking for love tend to be attracted to people who watch BBC’s Question Time, research has revealed.

The TellyTractiveness online survey was conducted by pollster YouGov. Picture: Michael Gillen

While 33 per cent of people said they would be turned on by a potential mate admitting on a first date that they watched the political debate programme, the biggest turn-off was reality television shows.

Some 64 per cent said they would be unimpressed by a prospective partner who watched The Only Way is Essex, with 60 per cent saying Keeping up with the Kardashians was also a total “no no”.

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The 2015 TV Licensing TellyTractiveness online survey by pollster YouGov also showed that a sense of humour was an important factor in the dating game.

QI, the BBC Two comedy quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry, was the biggest television turn-on with 33 per cent of men and 29 per cent of women surveyed saying they would be attracted to someone who watched the programme.

The research, which is published today, found adults watched an average of four hours television a day and that on a first date they searched for common ground.


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