Quest to reunite lost memory card goes viral

A Glasgow student’s quest to reunite a memory card packed with photographs from a tourist’s visit to Scotland has gone viral.
North Bridge in Edinburgh. Picture: submittedNorth Bridge in Edinburgh. Picture: submitted
North Bridge in Edinburgh. Picture: submitted

Barry Carruthers, 22, came across the chip device, which slots into digital cameras, while walking along the city’s Bath Street in December.

Barry loaded up the card and found over 500 pictures of a family that had toured around Scotland visiting attractions in Glasgow, Ayrshire with pictures also found of street performers at the Edinburgh Festival.

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The drama student then posted a few of the pictures from the card on Facebook and encouraged people to share them in the hope that the owner of the images could be traced.

Picture: submittedPicture: submitted
Picture: submitted

Within a few days the post was shared over 20,000 times and had collected over 500 comments from people around the world.

Barry said: “I’m a bit sentimental and I would hate for this to happen to me so I decided to try and get the card back to its owner.

“The response has been incredible. I made the post and went to work and when I came back it had over 10,000 shares. I think there are a lot of people out there who feel the same as me.”

Do you recognise the people in the picture above? Send an email to [email protected] .