Posters hung by lovestruck Scot in pub to trace mystery love interest

Forget swiping right on Tinder '“ a man has put posters up to ask a woman on a date after suffering a panic attack when she approached him at an crossing in the Edinburgh.

Gordon “could not speak” and was forced to walk away from a blonde woman who approached him on Manse Road due to his anxiety.

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He has gone to great lengths by distributing posters around the Corstorphine area of the Capital to be reunited with the woman so the pair can meet for a drink tonight.

The Torphin, St Johns Road

The poster reads: “Were you the blonde lady who was about to speak to me at the crossing at the top of Manse Road on Friday the 6th July 18, around 8.10am? I must apologise that I left. I suffer from panic attacks. I felt it come on as you were crossing the road. The symptoms are choking, racing heartbeat, shortness of breath and trembling. I could not speak.

“I am so sorry I left in a hurry. I will be outside The Torfin pub on Friday the 20th July at 6pm. Bring a friend if you like or your mum! I would really like to meet you.” The poster has circulated on social media, with The Torfin pub, on St John’s Road, offering the pair a free bottle of wine if the mystery woman turns up and a pint in consolation if she doesn’t.

Torfin manager Siobhan Mcginley said: “I’d seen the post on Facebook and just went ‘awwww’. I really hope they meet up.”

Torfin Pub in Corstorphine notice for a guy trying to locate a lady he met brieftly. The pub have offered a free bottle of wine if she turns up