Poll: The best and worst things about living in Scotland

Most Scots are fiercely proud of their country, but what do they consider to be the best (and worst) part about living in Scotland?

Scotland's countryside was the what Scots loved most about their country. Picture: Creative Commons

A recent survey has found that Scottish people love two things about their homeland more than anything else: its natural beauty and their fellow Scots.

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Around 1000 adults in Scotland were surveyed by pollsters YouGov who asked respondents what their favourite and least favourite things about living in Scotland were.

What Scots love most about Scotland. Picture: YouGov

The best

Scotland’s natural beauty was the most popular. Over four in ten Scots (41%) spoke of how much they love Scotland’s countryside, scenery and wildlife, and how easily accessible they are.

Just behind, 37% of Scots said that their fellow countrymen and society in general are the best things about the nation. YouGov reported that commonly mentioned was the friendliness and warmth of fellow Scots, as well as the national sense of humour.

Politics inevitably cropped up further down the list with 3% of those surveyed saying being ‘Part of UK’ was the one of the best parts of living in Scotland and another 3% citing the independence movement.

What Scots love most about Scotland. Picture: YouGov

Analysis of demographics revealed differing opinions among men and women.

Matt Smith of YouGov said: “ Positivity about Scotland’s countryside and people are both more widely held by the nation’s women than by its men.

“Whilst nearly half of women (49%) said the countryside was the best thing about Scotland, only 32% of men did – likewise, only 33% of men said that Scottish people and society are the best thing about the nation compared to 40% of women.

He added: “Scotland’s youth – those aged 18-24 – are more likely to favour Scottish culture, identity and tradition (22%, compared to 9% of all Scots).

The worst

No prizes if you’ve already guessed this one, the weather was the overwhelming choice (39%) among Scots as the worst part of living in the country.

Just over a quarter of Scots gave some sort of political issue as the worst thing about living there.

For 14% of people, Scotland is ruined by the SNP, nationalism and the threat of independence.

Similarly, 10% of Scots think that the nation is blighted by Westminster rule, Conservatives or the English in general.

Worst thing about living in Scotland

Weather - 39%

SNP/Independence/nationalism - 14%

Westminster rule/the English/ Conservatives - 10%

Economic problems - 6%

Nothing - 6%

Infrastructure - 5%

Bigotry, racism, sectarianism, xenophobia - 5%

Substance abuse - 4%

Attitudes - 3%

Political atmosphere - 3%

People - 2%

Crime - 2%

Midges - 2%

Other - 9%

N/a - 3%

Don’t Know - 3%