Woman blames botched delivery after passport left in street

A DISTRAUGHT mother-of-three has told how her passport was abandoned in the street and other personal documents went missing after a botched delivery.
Justina Kirkwood says the courier is lyingJustina Kirkwood says the courier is lying
Justina Kirkwood says the courier is lying

Justina Kirkwood’s passport was found by a good Samaritan next to a smouldering pile of embers – her marriage certificate and British citizenship papers are unaccounted for.

The documents were lost during a UK passport application and now MP Tommy Sheppard is set to call for a full investigation from Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

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“They’re satisfied the passport was delivered to the customer and they’re not prepared to take it any further – that’s completely unacceptable,” said Mr Sheppard.

“It seems very strange that somebody’s passport ends up in a pile of rubbish in Craigmillar – it’s a very shocking and cavalier response.”

Married Edinburgh University graduate Mrs Kirkwood said she applied for a UK passport after living in Edinburgh for 11 years.

It took her two years to gain British citizenship at a cost of £2,000 and her UK passport was eventually delivered in December.

“The courier gave me a look of disgust and was clearly angry to be handing me a British passport,” said Mrs Kirkwood, 30.

“It seemed to me that he took offence to the fact I spoke a foreign language to my children.”

Her supporting documents, including her Lithuanian passport, were supposed to follow but never arrived.

Four days later, Mrs Kirkwood, a dancer who once performed at the Royal Tattoo, was contacted by a woman who found her Lithuanian passport behind Lidl in Craigmillar.

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“She found it on the street next to a burnt pile of documents.”

She notified the police and contacted the Home Office – but four months on is no closer to finding out what happened.

“It turns out that the courier is claiming to have delivered it. He claims to have posted my documents through my letterbox.”

Mrs Kirkwood, who lives in Portobello with parking attendant husband Jamie, 32, and children Aiden, five, Lucy, four and three-year-old Alecija, says the system is open to fraud.

“They say their proof of delivery is a picture of my door.

“I wasn’t asked to sign for my British passport, the courier just handed it in and walked away.”

Now Mrs Kirkwood, and Mr Sheppard on her behalf, want answers – and say the woman finding her Lithuanian passport proves something went drastically wrong.

“I have a witness and I have proof,” said Mrs Kirkwood.

“It’s very concerning.”

Police have confirmed they are investigating “a reported theft of documentation”.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “Our investigation into Mrs Kirkwood’s complaint has concluded, and we are satisfied that her supporting documents were delivered correctly.

“However, should Mrs Kirkwood have any further evidence that she would like us to consider regarding this matter, we would invite her to contact us to investigate this