What jobs could Alex Salmond do next?

In one of many shock results last night, Alex Salmond lost his seat in Gordon. Now he's no longer on the political stage, what could Alex turn his hand to next?

What will Alex do next?

Become a newspaper editor

After the news in March that ex-chancellor George Osbourne was to take the helm at the London Evening Standard, Salmond could consider taking over one of Scotland’s newpapers. The National perhaps? He could direct his experience running the SNP towards the printed word.

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Scotland Football Manager

Tactics, management, a slow rise to victory (we hope) and a good sense of humour in the face of defeat are all qualities needed in whoever is in charge of our national team, and things that Salmond can relate to. So if Strachan gets sacked after this weekend’s game against England, Alex could look to apply.

Become Scotland’s answer to John McCririck

Loud, outspoken and known for eccentricities including headgear that Sherlock would be proud of, John McCririck was the face of Channel Four racing for years. Since the channel’s decision not to include him in the reporting team in 2013, racing has lost a big, if controversial, character. Traits that Alex could use if he was to take over in the betting ring.

Tour guide at Linlithgow Palace

As he’s from Linlithgow, Alex may want to go back to his childhood home and take up a job nearby. A tour guide of the Palace, a popular tourist spot, would give him the chance to use his experience in public speaking, meet new people and tell the story of the Scottish royalty who resided there in the 15th and 16th Centuries and the one who apparently still does – the ghost of Mary of Guise, mother to Mary, Queen of Scots.

Build windfarms off the coast of Trump Turnberry

lex could use his free time to oversee the building of Scotland’s many windfarms. A place of interest could be off the coast of Turnberry Bay, opposite Donald Trump’s Turnberry resort. As Alex has experience in dealing with the President with regards to wind farms, he’d be ideal for this job.

Radio DJ

LBC Radio has seen an increase in popularity thanks to their guests, presenters opinion pieces and often viral online videos. Alex has been a regular guest on the air, and has even had a spat with presenter Iain Dale. Could he use this experience to launch his own, Scotland-based, talk radio show?

School Crossing Patroller

Alex could engage with the next generation of voters with this role, which ensures the safety of school children. Based Bervie Primary School in Inverbervie, Aberdeenshire, the 15 hours of work per week would still give Alex time to write his memoirs.

Return as First Minister

With the Scottish Parliamentary Elections due in 2020, Alex could use this time to reflect on his time as leader of the SNP and possibly consider resuming his role, if Nicola were to stand down.

No matter what Alex Salmond chooses to do next , we can bet that he won’t be gone from public life for long. As he said himself last night: “In the midst of your glee, you have not seen the last of my bonnet and me.”