Water charges to rise across Scotland from April

Household water charges in Scotland will be increased from April.
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The 1.6 per cent rise across all council tax bands will mean an increase of about £6.

The average Scottish Water charge in 2018/19 was £363.

Scottish Water said it was investing in infrastructure projects across the country and annual rates remained below the average charge in England and Wales of £405 a year.

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Scottish Water chief executive Douglas Millican said: “We continue to deliver one of the best value water and waste water services anywhere in the UK for our customers, who are at the heart of what we do.

“In providing 1.35 billion litres a day of drinking water to communities, our customers benefit from investment in the network required to bring that to their taps, ensure it is safe to use and is as fresh and clear as possible.

“They are also benefiting from our over £3.5 billion investment in water and waste water infrastructure, which will safeguard supplies for many years to come.”