Video: Ten Gaelic phrases you can use every day

Is fheàrr Gàidhlig bhriste na Gàidhlig sa chiste.

On November 30, the Scottish Parliament will be hosting a number of Gaelic pop-up facilities to help you brush up on your conversational Gaelic.

A pop-up stall in the main hall will be erected charged to give you a crash course in the native Scottish language in five minutes. Challenge accepted.

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Then there’s a free one-hour tour of the Parliament for Gaelic speakers and learners, followed by a beginner’s level Gaelic speaking class in the Parliament’s Chat Room.

As of the 2011 Census, there were 57,000 fluent speakers of Scottish Gaelic, concentrated to the North West of the Highlands and Isles.

In the same year, it was measured only 87,000 people in Scotland can speak some Gaelic.

As you move further North, you begin to see Gaelic popping up more frequently on road signs, but even as far south as Gretna, you’ll be familiar with “Tìoraidh” - loosely translated as “Cheerio”, but a stricter translation can narrow it down to just “Cheery”.

We’ve picked ten everyday, run-of-the-mill phrases to test your mettle as a warm-up to Thursday’s activities at the Parliament.

Just remember, regions that speak Gaelic have dialects too, so pronunciations are somewhat open to interpretation

Just don’t stick any of these into Google Translate or you’ll tie yourself in knots.