Video: New Better Together Referendum Broadcast

BETTER Together have released their latest Referendum Broadcast in a bid to convince voters to back the Union.

Stills from the new Better Together video. Pictures: YouTube
Stills from the new Better Together video. Pictures: YouTube

Featuring images of Scotland’s shipyards, slums and Keir Hardie, the video’s voiceover says: ‘We’re a great country, built by the struggles and determination of our people, guided by our unshakeable values.

“We’ve fought for justice in the shipyards, and in the mills.

“Solidarity, here and abroad. Equality, at work and at home.

Stills from the new Better Together video. Pictures: YouTube

“What we share has always counted for more than what separates us. We’ve always had the guts to stand up and fight for what was right - clearing the slums and creating the NHS; the minimum wage; state pensions; working tax credits; rights of workers and families and we shared the cost.

“Not just among 5 million people but among 63 million people.

“We know there is nowhere better. We understand that there’s something bigger.”

The video cuts to archive footage of former First Minister of Scotland Donald Dewar announcing that there would be a Scottish Parliament, with the voiceover stating that he had started building a ‘modern, democratic Scotland as part of a changing UK’.

The voiceover calls for voters to ‘choose progress’ on September 18th, and to choose keeping the pound, the defence forces that we rely on and ‘standing up for our families’ as well as the ‘1 million jobs linking us to the UK’.

Over footage of the statue of Donald Dewar in Glasgow, the voiceover tells viewers: “We don’t need to be a separate nation to be a better nation.”

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaks directly to viewers in the final third, encouraging people to vote No, claiming that ‘our unity is our strength’.

Mr Brown says: “I love Scotland. It’s as simple as that. I’m proud of our history and our culture. I’m proud we created a Scottish Parliament - I’m proud we’re increasing the Parliament’s powers.

“And I’m proud too that we share and co-operate as part of the United Kingdom, and that means more jobs, better healthcare, higher pensions, more security.

“I’m proud we stand for social justice.

“Our unity is our strength. And I’m voting for my children’s future, and all Scottish children’s future. And that’s why I’m voting No.”

The video is due to air on BBC One at 7.25pm tonight.