'˜Unwise' to rush into indyref says Green veteran

Scotland's first Green parliamentarian has said it would be 'unwise' to head into an independence referendum ahead of next week's Holyrood vote on holding a second poll.

Robin Harper. Picture: TSPL

The former MSP Robin Harper signalled he disagrees with his Green Party successors who will combine with the SNP to get Nicola Sturgeon’s plans through parliament. Scotland’s six Green MSPs have been criticised by pro-Union politicians for propping up the SNP on independence.

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Mr Harper said: “In terms of the referendum I think it is too much to ask the people of Scotland to be worrying about Brexit and a Scottish referendum before we even know what the results of Brexit are going to be. These are two issues that need to be approached in an atmosphere of calm and intelligence and the application of our best minds. Dashing into a referendum at this stage seems to me to be unwise. It is a very difficult situation and we shouldn’t be rushing into anything.”

A Green spokesman said: “The situation we find ourselves in is down the recklessness of the Tories, their disrespect for Scotland’s Remain vote, and a feeble Labour opposition. A timescale of autumn 2018 to spring 2019 is not rushed – it’s perfectly reasonable. As the Tories’ hard Brexit deal becomes clear in the Autumn of next year, Scots deserve the chance to choose between that damaging, isolated option and being able to secure our own, outward-looking future.”