Union ‘helped fight Nazis’ Scots Tories will claim

THE Scottish Conservatives will mount a defence of the union at Holyrood, arguing that it has enabled the UK to fight Nazism, terrorism, banking failures and the recession.

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson with former leader Annabel Goldie. Picture: Jane Barlow

The party has chosen to use its parliamentary debating time to discuss Scotland’s future, setting out its case for a No vote in September’s referendum.

Tory constitution spokeswoman Annabel Goldie will tell MSPs: “This enduring, extraordinary, political, social and economic union enjoys support internationally and across different political parties.

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“But this union is also supported by people with no political views.

“Most importantly opinion polls consistently confirm that across Scotland, the majority of people support and want to stay in the United Kingdom.”

She will add: “Like any partnership it offers twin attractions. It lets us share talent, pool resource and maximise opportunity. In times of challenge it spreads the burden of risk.

“Together we were able to fight against and defeat Nazism. Together we have fought against and continue to fight against terrorism. Together we faced the searing challenge of global recession and bank failures.”