Ukip and ‘No Poles Required’ ads seen in Edinburgh

A UKIP campaign poster for the upcoming European elections has been spotted in Edinburgh alongside an ad for camping equipment bearing the slogan ‘No Poles Required!’

The camping poster (L) and the Ukip advert. Picture: Hemedia

The advert, for a range of inflatable tents being stocked by the outdoor supplies retailer Go Outdoors, sits alongside one of the high-profile billboards for Nigel Farage’s party.

The Ukip poster claims that “The UK pays £55 million a day to the EU and its Eurocrats”. The ad shows a crowded commuter bus and luxurious car, with the slogan “Your daily grind... funds his celebrity lifestyle”.

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The Ukip campaign has been a magnet for controversy, with Nigel Farage questioned after it was revealed a woman posing as a Ukip voter in election literature works for the party.

The star of a Ukip election video, builder Andre Lampitt, was suspended by the party last week after racist and Islamophobic social media posts attributed to him were revealed.

At the weekend, one of Ukip’s council candidates said that the comedian Lenny Henry should ”emigrate to a black country”.