Trust between Holyrood and Westminster '˜at its lowest ebb'

A Scottish Government minister has told how trust with Westminster has reached its 'lowest ebb'.

It comes as research by a Commons committee found just one in 1,000 people believe the two governments work well together.

The public administration and constitutional affairs select committee found 0.1 per cent of people believe the two administrations work well together, while an overwhelmingly 98.7 per cent said they did not.

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MPs from the committee met in Edinburgh as the stand-off between the Scottish and UK governments over post-Brexit powers continues.

Scotland's Brexit minister Mike Russell.Scotland's Brexit minister Mike Russell.
Scotland's Brexit minister Mike Russell.

Ministers at Holyrood are still refusing to give their consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill, with opposition continuing after their counterparts in Wales withdrew their objections to the legislation.

While Scottish Brexit minister, Mike Russell, stressed that the Scottish Government still wanted to give legislative consent to the bill, he said the “core issue” had not been resolved.

He told the committee: “We’ve got ourselves I’m afraid to the stage where there is a very substantial lack of trust on both sides.

“What I think it does reflect regretably is that the trust on which the relationship has to be based is at a pretty low ebb, probably the lowest ebb I have experienced.”