Trump state visit to UK in 2017 is 'under consideration'

Donald Trump could come to the UK for a state visit before the end of next year, Downing Street has suggested.

Donald Trump could be invited to the UK for a state visit as early as 2017
Donald Trump could be invited to the UK for a state visit as early as 2017

The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman said a formal invitation to the new US President was “under consideration” and that the schedule for state visits in 2017 was being examined.

A state visit would see Mr Trump hosted by the Queen, with previous US Presidents staying at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. The visit could also include an address to both houses of parliament, although no details of an eventual visit have been confirmed.

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The spokeswoman said: “An invitation for a state visit is one of the things that is under consideration following the election of a new US president. One of the issues under consideration is the 2017 state visits.”

Unnamed government sources were quoted at the weekend claiming the government was seeking to use the Queen as a “secret weapon” to cement the ‘special relationship’ between the UK and the US, and improve the chances of a post-Brexit free trade deal between the countries.

Mr Trump is reported to have told the Prime Minister that his Scottish mother, Mary MacLeod, was a “big fan” of the Queen.

Theresa May welcomed Mr Trump’s election victory, but last year criticised comments he made about parts of London being “no-go zones” for police who were “afraid for their own lives” because of Islamic radicalisation.