Tommy Sheppard: Back SNP not Scottish Labour to support Corbyn

Tommy Sheppard - SNP. Picture: JpressTommy Sheppard - SNP. Picture: Jpress
Tommy Sheppard - SNP. Picture: Jpress
Nationalist politician Tommy Sheppard has urged voters to back the SNP, not Scottish Labour, if they want to show support for Jeremy Corbyn.

Speaking to a Scottish newspaper, Sheppard - who is campaigning to be reelected as MP for Edinburgh East - said the SNP would be better allies to Labour in Westminster than Kezia Dugdale’s party.

He said: “If you look at the individual candidates involved and the manifestos on which we’re standing, the SNP candidates have got more in common with Jeremy Corbyn than the Scottish Labour candidates.

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“Actually what would be more helpful for Jeremy Corbyn after June 8 if the Tories don’t have a majority would be to have a block of SNP MPs who are prepared to back up a fairly radical programme, given that half of it we’re already implemented in Scotland anyway.

“Is it more helpful, or do you want a bunch of right-wing Scottish Labour MPs who are just going to undermine Jeremy Corbyn and prevent him from forming a progressive alternative?

A Scottish Labour spokesman said: “This is utter nonsense from Tommy Sheppard, but it is encouraging to discover how much the SNP is panicking.”