Timeline: Key events in Alex Salmond harassment claims

Complaints of misconduct have been made against Former First Minister Alex Salmond relating to his time in office as First Minister.

Mr Salmond announced that he not only refuted the allegations made against him, but that he intended to take the Scottish Government to court over its handling of the case.

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Alex Salmond sexual harassment claims - What we know so far
Alex Salmond Picture: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

November 2017 - The Scottish Government launches an internal review into its procedures for dealing with complaints in the workplace following wider concerns about harassment at Westminster and the Holyrood. This included new procedures on handling complaints against ex-ministers.

January 2018 - Two complaints are lodged against Alex Salmond by Scottish Government staff members in relation to sexual misconduct while he was First Minister in December 2013.

March 2018 - Alex Salmond is informed of the complaints made against him and the procedure under which these will be addressed.

April 2018 - Nicola Sturgeon is first informed of the complaints when Mr Salmond himself contacts her to reveal he is under investigation.

August 22 2018 - The conclusion of the investigation into Mr Salmond is relayed to the former First Minister and the staff members who made the complaint.

The findings of the probe are also reportedly passed onto the police although they refuse to comment.

August 23 2018 - Mr Salmond indicates that he intends to lodge an interdict which would prevent the Scottish Government from making details of the case public after Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans reveals she intends to make a statement on the issue. He also plans to lodge a judicial review against the Scottish Government’s complaints procedure which he brands “unlawful”

August 23 2018 - The complaints against Mr Salmond go public at about 10pm when the Daily Record reveals details of the case.

August 23 2018 - The Scottish Government publishes advice on the handling of harassment complaints against former ministers about 11.40pm, less than two hours after the case against Salmond is revealed.

August 24 2018 - Mr Salmond drops his proposed interdict against the Government he formerly lead, but he will continue with the judicial review.

August 24 2018 - Ms Evans releases her first public statement on the issue, accusing Mr Salmond’s of “significant inaccuracies” in his public pronouncements on the issue and pledging to defend the Scottish Government’s position.

August 24 2018 - Ms Sturgeon warns that the complaints will not be “swept under the carpet” and says Mr Salmond’s court action should not deflect from the fact that complaints have been made.