Sturgeon and Salmond join forces in Gordon seat

NICOLA Sturgeon will reunite with Alex Salmond on the election campaign trail today, as Jim Murphy makes his case for Labour in Glasgow.
Bearsden SNP campaingn shop opening by Alex Salmond. Picture: Jamie ForbesBearsden SNP campaingn shop opening by Alex Salmond. Picture: Jamie Forbes
Bearsden SNP campaingn shop opening by Alex Salmond. Picture: Jamie Forbes

The SNP leader will join her former boss in Inverurie, in the Gordon constituency.

Mr Salmond is standing for election in the seat currently held by the Liberal Democrats.

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After a week of campaigning across the country, and a much-praised performance in the second televised UK leaders debate, Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond will seek to show that the SNP is the only party which represents all parts of Scotland.

Meanwhile, Mr Murphy will be in Glasgow city centre, with a message about the choice facing voters on May 7.

The Labour leader will argue that his party can offer progressive change in government, the day after he published his election manifesto in the city.

He will say: “In just 19 days time the people of Scotland face a simple choice. They can vote to change Scotland and the UK forever with the Labour party, or austerity max with the SNP’s plans for full fiscal autonomy.

“Scottish Labour wants working class and middle class families to get a break after years of real pressure, and in too many cases, real pain.

“We have a costed plan, a positive programme based on Labour values and the people’s priorities.

“We will reinforce our NHS with 1,000 more nurses and 500 more GPs. We will support all our young people to make the most of their lives, with a package of support for everyone, whether they are in work, at university or looking for a job.

“And our progressive taxes will make sure that those who have the most, pay their fair share towards rebuilding our economy.”

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He will add: “Scotland can have austerity max or elect a real progressive alliance. A coalition of Labour MPs elected in cities of north England, in the industrial heartlands of the Midlands, in the valleys of Wales, in inner city London, and the cities, towns and villages of Scotland, to change our country forever.”

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will also be in the north east as she joins party activists in Aberdeen city centre at a street stall to talk to voters.

And Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson will highlight plans to boost opportunities for young people through increased support for mental health services on the campaign trail in Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire.