Steve House warns Scottish Parliament over laws creating single police force

CHIEF constable Steve House has warned the Scottish Parliament laws creating the new single force may need as confusion continues to reign ahead of April launch.

Both Mr House, and Vic Emery, chairman of the Scottish Police Authority, took independent legal advice as they were unclear on their roles.

In particular, there has been confusion over where Mr Emery’s responsibility ends, and Mr House’s begins, over the management of civilian staff, such as HR and finance workers.

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In a letter to the justice committee, Mr House wrote: “Our focus is very much on the delivery of a policing service for day one and I reserve some concern about the pace of progress however given the importance of the reforms, it is important we get the structures right for the future.

“I am increasingly of the view that the only satisfactory resolution will be a change to legislation in order to address the matter fully.”

The Scottish Parliament’s justice committee will discuss his concerns at tomorrow’s meeting.