Somerville demands probe into water bosses' bonuses

LOTHIANS SNP MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville has called for the Scottish Parliament to investigate bonus and expenses payments to water bosses.

She has written to the convener of Holyrood's transport, infrastructure and climate change committee, Patrick Harvie, saying it would be "highly appropriate" for the committee to take evidence on the nature and extent of the payments.

The move follows reports of extravagant expense claims at the Water Industry Commission for Scotland, including over 24,000 on a trip to a spa resort, over 14,000 at Hamilton racecourse, and undisclosed figures for a chauffeur service for their chief executive Alan Sutherland.

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Scottish Water boss Richard Ackroyd was also criticised earlier this year for accepting a 100,000 bonus on top of his 263,000 salary, with 25 per cent being donated to charity.

Ms Somerville said: "It seems MPs are not the only ones who have been caught milking the system."