SNP's impact see words '˜Scotland' and '˜Scottish' double in usage at Westminster

SNP MPs in the House of Commons chamber.SNP MPs in the House of Commons chamber.
SNP MPs in the House of Commons chamber.
The SNP's promise to shake up Westminster appears to have borne fruit with research showing mentions of the words 'Scotland' or 'Scottish' nearly doubled in the Commons after the party won 56 seats north of the border.

Data from the House of Commons library shows the words were mentioned 3,733 times in the year after the 2015 General Election.

The mentions since the SNP won almost all the 59 seats on offer in Scotland amounted to more than double the average of 1,493 times a year between 2012 and 2015, the party said.

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SNP MP Deirdre Brock suggested the figures showed why Labour’s support collapsed in Scotland between the 2010 and 2015 elections.

The data also showed that SNP MPs participated in more Commons debates than other leading parties - speaking in an average of 64 debates last year, compared with 43 for Labour and 38 for the Tories.

Ms Brock said: “These figures show clearly that the SNP is standing up for Scotland in Westminster. We are by far the most active major party in the UK Parliament.

“For the number of times the word Scotland has been mentioned to increase so significantly is remarkable.

“Of course, the number of MPs representing Scottish constituencies in Westminster has not increased, but instead these figures speak volumes about our predecessors and Scottish Labour’s downfall.

“We know that SNP MPs work harder and cost less than our Scottish Labour predecessors, and this is yet another indicator of how hard SNP MPs are working, providing a strong voice for Scotland.”

The figures refer to oral mentions of the words “Scotland” or “Scottish” said in the Commons chamber and included in the Hansard official record.