SNP MPs flout Commons decorum with photo tweets

‘SELFIE!’ SNP MPs have disregarded House of Commons guidelines by sharing their fresh Westminster experiences with constituents through social media.

Neil Gray, Roger Mullin and Kirsty Blackman pose on the benches. Picture: Twitter

Several of the 56 winning SNP candidates from the general election have taken snaps of themselves and their surroundings during their first week in the UK capital.

It further demonstrates the party’s approach to politics in the 21st century, with a high number of SNP MPs already a strong presence on Twitter.

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It also follows the lead of party leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who, along with being active on Twitter herself, is no stranger to a ‘selfie’.

MP for Glasgow North East Anne McLaughlin tweets a picture of Mhairi Black about to tuck into a chip butty. Picture: Twitter

Among those involved was Mhairi Black, the youngster ever MP at 20-years old after she defeated Douglas Alexander as a candidate for Paisley & Renfrewshire South.

Some of the snaps have gone against Commons etiquette, which asks MPs to refrain from taking photographs inside the Commons chamber. However, no formal complaints have been made, and a Commons spokesman admitted leniency would be shown to first-time MPs.

The question now is whether 56 of the 59 Scottish based MPs will continue to ignore traditional decorum once the established way has been pointed out to them.

Veteran SNP MP Pete Wishart seems to think so.

Patrick Grady tweets a picture of the first SNP group meeting. Picture: Twitter

He said: “This is the most social media savvy group of MPs the Commons has ever known.

“They were determined to let their constituents experience their arrival with them, and they’ve shown a lighter side to the more stuffy traditions and culture of this place.

“They’ve presented the House in an overwhelmingly positive way.”


Nicola Sturgeon is no stranger to a selfie herself. Picture: Getty