SNP conference: George Kerevan attacks Growth Commission report

The SNP's new independence blueprint would leave Scotland 'at the mercy of the banks' and put the poor at risk, a leading party figure has warned.
Andrew Wilson's Growth Commission criticisedAndrew Wilson's Growth Commission criticised
Andrew Wilson's Growth Commission criticised

Economist and former MP George Kerevan was applauded at the SNP conference when he attacked Andrew Wilson's Growth Commission.

Mr Kerevan said Mr Wilson's plan was 'too conservative' and argued that his currency proposals would not allow Scotland to grow its productivity.

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Speaking at a fringe meeting at the SNP conference, Mr Kerevan criticised the Commission's proposal to keep using the pound without shared control over the Bank of England after independence.

Mr Wilson's 354-page document said Scotland should retain the pound for around a decade to give time to get the Scottish economy in order.

It said that Scotland should only establish its own currency once six stringent economic tests had been met.