SNP call on Labour to end nuclear weapons support

Nationalists will challenge Labour today to scrap its support for nuclear weapons and reverse its “flawed policy”.

MSPs at Holyrood will debate the presence of Trident nuclear weapons in Scotland.

Veterans Minister Keith Brown has put forward a motion urging the UK Government to acknowledge Holyrood’s opposition to nuclear weapons and the presence of Trident at Faslane.

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Mr Brown is also calling on the Westminster Government to explore options for removing Trident.

Clear message

SNP backbencher Bill Kidd said the debate gives Labour leader Johann Lamont the chance to change her party’s stance on the issue.

“Today’s Scottish Parliament debate is a crucial one. It gives all MSPs a chance to stand up and be counted, and send a clear message that weapons of mass destruction are not wanted in Scotland,” he said.

“Labour in Scotland has the opportunity today to U-turn their position on Trident and scrap their support for nuclear weapons on Scottish territory and waters. Reversing their flawed policy would be the best move Johann Lamont makes since her leadership of Labour began.

“Some 80% of people in Scotland want rid of Trident. The one point that has become clear in recent weeks is that only a Yes vote in next year’s independence referendum can deliver that, allowing us to invest the billions saved in helping to build a fair society and strong economy.”