Sheffield Mayor Magid Magid tells Scottish Greens immigration must be devolved

Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid has told Scottish Greens at their Autumn conference in Glasgow that control over immigration must be devolved to stop a Tory Government 'hell bent on inflicting self-harm'.

Popular Sheffield mayor Magid Magid. Picture: John Lubbock/Wikimedia
Popular Sheffield mayor Magid Magid. Picture: John Lubbock/Wikimedia

Magid Magid, who came to Britain as a child refugee from Somalia, said: “We must fight for the radical transformation we are in vital need of. That radical transformation, that radical change - right here in Scotland - will hopefully be one step closer, when the Green vision of devolved migration is implemented. Devolved migration gives the opportunity for a truly fair system in the here and now.

“As we already know, migration is culturally enriching and is massively strengthening the Scottish economy and public services such as the NHS. Scotland relies on migration far more than the rest of the UK, so keeping these powers reserved to Westminster and under the control of a Tory Government hell bent on inflicting self-harm to appease its own hard right wing makes little to no sense.”

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Magid, who famously banned “wasteman” Donald Trump from Sheffield, also backed the Scottish Greens in their opposition to the far-right:, he said: “Banning Donald Trump was a light-hearted stunt - but in many ways absolutely serious. We cannot hold hands with the far-right and those who embolden them as this government does.

“Trump, and the politics he represents, threatens the very existence and safety of minorities. It threatens Global security. Just look at his and our government’s support for the continued injustice in Palestine and Yemen. It threatens the very future of our planet - you’re all all-too-aware of the archaic and destructive industries he has bolstered, and his attitude to climate agreements.

“Let me be clear, we must no-platform fascists, we must shut the door in the face of hate, division and intolerance. We must stamp it out and fight against it around the world - and we must fight the dark possibility of a dangerous racist in Boris Johnson walking into Number 10 right here in the UK.”