Scottish Parliament to be recalled on Thursday to consider Brexit deal

Holyrood is expected to sit on Thursday
Holyrood is expected to sit on Thursday
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The Scottish Parliament is expected to be recalled this week for MSPs to vote on the UK Government's Brexit deal.

Holyrood is currently in recess for the October fortnight, but is likely to sit on Thursday. MSPs are expected to reject the deal brokered between Boris Johnson and EU leaders which forms the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill which has been published by the UK Government.

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But although a "Legislative Consent Motion" is nominally required under the devolution agreement, in practice the UK Government can press ahead with the legislation even if Holyrood does does not approve it.

It's understood that the Scottish Government has requested the recall to consider the LCM.

Holyrood Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh is currently leading a parliamentary delegation in Stockholm.

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But a Scottish Parliament spokesman said: " He has been in contact with officials throughout today.

"Any decision to recall Parliament will be taken by him. As ever, he will listen to the views of the parties before reaching a decision.”

The SNP has also already made it clear that it will vote against the Brexit deal and Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie today confirmed his party will oppose it.

“The vote on Thursday in the Scottish Parliament will be another signal that the Brexit deal is a bad idea," he added.

“It is time for Scottish Conservatives to show some backbone. They need to vote against a Brexit deal that puts an internal border in the Irish Sea. It breaks the Conservatives’ promise and risks the future of the United Kingdom.

“Brexit is bad for the UK.”