Scottish Labour MP 'sorry' for 'whack-a-Sturgeon' jibe to First Minister

A Scottish Labour MP has apologised after joking he would like to play a game of 'whack-a-Sturgeon'.
The MP apologised on social media.The MP apologised on social media.
The MP apologised on social media.

Paul Sweeney, Labour and Co-op MP for Glasgow North East and Shadow Scotland Office Minister said he was sorry for his 'weak attempt at being lighthearted' after he was sarcastically branded 'charming' by Nicola Sturgeon.

Sweeney apologised for comments he made in response to a video the First Minister shared of former MP Anne McLaughlin hitting her with a tennis ball during a game of swingball in Glasgow.

He wrote: "Whack-a-Sturgeon. A sport I could get behind."

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When Sturgeon replied 'What a charmer' other social media users called his comment 'appalling' and 'misogynist'

Sweeney was quick to remove his tweet, replying to Sturgeon: "It was merely my weak attempt at being lighthearted by making a pun on 'whac-a-mole', but I quickly realised it could be misconstrued, so please accept my apologies for any offence."