Watch: Jeremy Vine Show guests claim Scotland would not 'survive' independence

Guests on the Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 gave their opinions on Scottish independence yesterday.

Paul Burrell made some controversial comments on the Jeremy Vine Show yesterday. Picture: Channel 5
Paul Burrell made some controversial comments on the Jeremy Vine Show yesterday. Picture: Channel 5

Jeremy Vine's Channel 5 morning show has been criticised for comments made yesterday on Scottish independence.

The show, in which guests chat about news, opinion and views, discussed the topic of the state of the UK and Scotland's place in it.

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The discussion took place after Jeremy held up a newspaper with an article on Gordon Brown's comments on the Union has being in danger from “divisive nationalisms” threatening to “blow the United Kingdom apart”.

Paul Burrell made some controversial comments on the Jeremy Vine Show yesterday. Picture: Channel 5

Guests included former Royal butler, Paul Burrell, who said that the comments from Gordon Brown were 'food' for Nicola Sturgeon but that he hoped the union would stay together and that Scotland wouldn't get devolution.

But it was his next comments, and those from fellow guest Carole Malone and Jeremy Vine that got viewers taking to social media to vent their anger and frustration.

Mr Burrell continued: "I mean for goodness sakes...Scotland, by itself? How is it going to survive? What does it have? Oil...and a monster in a lake."

Jeremy then asked the audience if anyone thought that Scotland could survive on its own, to which one man replied 'no'.

Jeremy Vine was discussing Gordon Brown's comments on the state of the union. Picture: Channel 5.

Mr Burrell's comments provoked fury from Scottish Twitter users who took to social media to lambaste the former Royal butler

Singer Amy MacDonald tweeted: "If Scotland is this f*****g s***e then why do these folk want us to stay so much? This government won’t subsidise an extra bedroom for those in need but it’s happy to subsidise an entire country? Absolutely sick of this patronising c**p."

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Patrick Woodside commented: "Asked what Scotland has literally no one answered disgraceful clearly none of them have a clue about Scotland & a royal butler couldn’t say one asset we have apart from talking about the queen of England’s castle in Scotland."

Tarry Breeks wrote: "What did I just watch?! Asking a disgraced butler his opinion of Scottish independence and he says "Scotland by itself?" NOT BY ITSELF: SCOTLAND WANTS TO REMAIN IN THE EU PAUL. I mean what does it have?": oil, fish, gas, wind, whisky, finance, tourism, IT & gallus people"

BarnetObserver replied: "Scotland, I apologise. If I were you I'd get on with leaving. This should be put on a loop throughout the referendum campaign."

Carole Cooke posted: "Paul Burrows announced on Jeremy Vine show, Scotland could not survive on its own. All we have is OIL and a monster in a lake. When he asked JV what else we had JV could not answer him."

Kim Cuthbertson added:"Dear Scotland, please take a few minutes to watch the Jeremy Vine show today with Paul Burrell etc 're Scottish Independence... make sure you tie yourself to your chair and no objects at hand to throw at the TV!!"