SNP figures hit out at after party rejects 'alternative plan' for independence without referendum

SNP politicians have hit out at party leaders after their plans for a 'Plan B' for independence for Scotland that would involve bypassing a referendum.
Independence activists. Picture: John DevlinIndependence activists. Picture: John Devlin
Independence activists. Picture: John Devlin

Angus MacNeil and Chris McEleny said they were “disappointed” that their alternative route to independence will not be debated by members of the SNP at the party’s conference this year.

In a resolution to a conference committee, MacNeil, MP for the Western Isles and McEleny, SNP group leader on Inverclyde Council, proposed their Plan B which they believe would overcome the significant obstacle that neither potential future Prime Minister - Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson - will back a second referendum.

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'Alternative plan' to bypass second referendum
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The motion adds that should the UK Government fail to grant a Section 30 order, a pro-independence electoral victory would mandate the Scottish Government to negotiate with Westminster to enable Scotland to become independent. In a joint statement they said:

“We are disappointed that debating a credible plan on how to progress the case for delivering independence isn’t worthy of the agenda at SNP conference.

“When the Scottish Government request a section 30 order we know the answer is going to be “No”. Our plan set out a means of ensuring Scotland’s voice was heard, and it progressed our mandate for a referendum as it should be deployed.

"The Scottish Government now has to show leadership on this and conference must be given a roadmap as to how the leadership believe we will deliver independence.

"It’s past time, 3 years after the Brexit referendum that a focused campaign on independence is launched with Scot Gov backing – merely announcing legislation through the parliament as was done in April is not enough.”

An SNP spokesperson told the Scotsman: “The process of producing the Provisional Agenda is the internal business of the Scottish National Party, with motions shortlisted by a democratically elected internal body.

“The SNP already has a cast-iron mandate for holding an independence referendum before the 2021 election, and the First Minister has made clear that she believes this should take place in the second half of next year.

“Given the way Scotland’s interests have been completely ignored in the Brexit process, and given the increasing likelihood that we will be dragged off a no-deal economic cliff-edge, it’s little wonder that support for independence is on the rise.”