Scottish independence: Boris Johnson insists he won’t grant Section 30 order

Boris Johnson has today warned his Parliamentary opposition he will not seek a Brexit extension - even if this is passed in law.
Mr Johnson has ruled out a section 30 order which would allow a second independence voteMr Johnson has ruled out a section 30 order which would allow a second independence vote
Mr Johnson has ruled out a section 30 order which would allow a second independence vote

And the Prime told Nationalists he will not agree to a Section 30 order to grant an independence referendum in Scotland during a trip to Aberdeenshire - even if the SNP enjoys a landslide victory in a snap election.

Mr Johnson was visiting Darnford farm, near Crathes, today as he unveiled more than £200 million of extra funding for Scots farmers.

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It comes as an opposition Bill looks poised to pass in the Commons which would call on Mr Johnson to seek a Brexit extension from EU leaders aa next week's council meeting and rule out a No Deal.

But the Prime Minister made it clear today that he would not countenance seeking a further delay

"The Bill that is still before Parliament would make it - in theory, it would mean that the Government of the UK was obliged to write a letter to Brussels asking for a pointless delay to leaving the EU. I don't think that's what's people want and we were very clear about that.

"Not only would it oblige the Government to do that, it would give the EU power to decide how long the UK had to stay in. I really, can't for the life think that that is a democratic way forward. The big picture is we spent a lot of time trying to fudge this thing and I think the British public want us to get out. They don't want more dither and delay."

Asked if that means he would not seek an extension even if passed in law, the Prime Minister said: "I will not - I don't want a delay."

He added: "We will go to the summit on the 17th, we will get a deal and we will come out on October 31st."

"My strategy is to get a deal by powers of persuasion because there's absolutely no doubt that we need to come out."

"I've heard several people around the EU say `what is the point of this? What is this delay?"

He added: "We will get a deal we will come out."

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Asked about the prospect of an SNP landslide victory in a snap election north of the border, Mr Johnson made it clear he will not relent and grant a section 30 order which would allow a second referendum on independence.

"It's odd that Jeremy Corbyn and SNP claim to be attached to democracy when their mission is to smash up the oldest most successful political partnership in history in the form of the union - in spite of a very clear promise that was made to the people of Scotland in 2014 that that referendum will be a once in a generation event.

"That was an assurance that people took in good faith when they cast their votes I see no reason to go back on it."

Asked if that meant no section 30 order would be granted he said: "People were told in 2014 that the referendum was a once in a generation event. I don't see why we should go back on it."

Mr Johnson also paid tribute to recently departed Tory leader in Scotland Ruth Davidson as "inspirational" and even hinted at a comeback.

He added: "I hope she will come back by the way. She clearly has a young family and wants to devote herself to that at the moment.

"But she and I have had good conversations and plainly Ruth has a big future and I would want to see her come back."

Mr Johnson insisted that he doesn't attach "enormous importance" to polls.

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But he added: "If people do believe in the polls, then why aren't they willing to have an election that's what I don't understand."

Scottish Conservatives stood for a "proud, strong Scotland within the most successful union there has ever been."

He added: "Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP would break that up. They were meeting yesterday plotting together and Corbyn has made it clear that he would happily see the break up of the union. That would be a disaster for this country.

"I think Scottish Conservatives will do very well indeed and we will fight, fight, fight to get our message across."

The opposition in the Commons have already blocked a Government motion seeking a snap election, but another attempt will be moved by the Government for an in October election.

"I'm perplexed by the decision of the leader of the opposition and the SNP to run away from an election," the Prime Minister added.

"I've never known an opposition in the history of democracy that's refused to have en election but that's their choice. I think obviously that they don't trust the people.

"They don't think that the people will vote for them. So they're refusing to have en election."