Online petition calling for Scottish independence reaches 350k signatures

An online petition calling for support for an independent Scotland, which was launched during the SNP conference earlier this year, has reached over 350,000 of its 400,000 signature target.

The petition has had a surge of interest following the General Election

The online petition, which was launched by the Yes campaign, received a surge of signatures in the wake of the general election results.

The site states that "it's time for independence" and features an open letter from Depute Leader of the SNP Keith Brown in which he states: "We need to focus all our efforts on building an independence majority.

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"This work will start with a major new campaign focused on Scotland’s economic potential as an independent country."

In it he also states that the party plan is to distribute "An Independent Scotland: Household Guide to every household" in Scotland.

The news comes as Nicola Sturgeon announced she will publish a detailed case for the transfer of the power to Holyrood to hold a second independence referendum next week.

The First Minister, whose party won 47 seats in the General Election, said the SNP's success "reinforces and strengthens the mandate" to ensure a second vote.