Nicola Sturgeon writes in The Scotsman: Vote SNP to block Boris

Boris Johnson’s untrustworthy character is an issue in this vital general election, but a vote for the SNP will help put a stop to his Brexit plans, writes First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon.

When voters go to the polls on Thursday, they’ll be standing at a vital moment in Scotland’s history. All elections are important. But rarely have the stakes been so high.

Let’s start with the nightmare scenario. If Boris Johnson gets a majority, he will drag Scotland out of Europe against our will and we’ll face another five years of Tory chaos.

It’s hard to imagine someone less suited for the office of Prime Minister than Boris Johnson. We would all prefer that political disagreements were about policy, not character. And, as far as Boris Johnson actually believes anything at all, there’s plenty to disagree with. But character is important, especially in political leaders. Boris Johnson simply can’t be trusted.

Nicola Sturgeon wants to lock Boris Johnson out of Number 10.

This is a man with a long record of insulting minorities, of dodging responsibility for his actions and of being economical with the truth. Unbelievably, the highest court in the land had to intervene after he unlawfully shut down parliament. Boris Johnson is not just more of the same – he’s much worse than that. If he wins a majority of seats, he will take that as a green light to do whatever he wants to Scotland.Let’s be clear: the Tories’ central election promise to ‘get Brexit done’ is a lie.

The Tories haven’t even started talks with the EU about our future relationship. Experts say that process will take years. If you’ve thought Brexit was a mess so far, it’s only going to get worse. With Boris Johnson desperate for a trade deal with Donald Trump, there’s a real threat to our NHS. There is another way.

A vote for the SNP on Thursday is a vote to lock Boris Johnson out of office. Elections can be hard to predict, and this one is no different. But if the result is close, Scottish seats could make the difference. In every single Tory seat in Scotland, it’s the SNP who are the challengers. In fact, every opinion poll shows that the election in Scotland is a two-horse race between the SNP and the Tories. We can’t wake up on Friday to five years of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. Instead, let’s rally round the only party in Scotland who can beat the Tories.

We will push for more investment for the NHS – which will in turn mean a funding boost in Scotland – with our plan worth more for the health service than any other party. We will demand an end to the welfare cuts that have left families on the breadline and driven up foodbank use. We will fight for a fairer deal at work, with a radical extension of parental leave and a real Living Wage for all. And we will push the UK government to match Scotland’s ambition on climate change.

The SNP are offering a chance to escape Brexit and put Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands by reinforcing our right to choose our future as an independent country.