Nicola Sturgeon: SNP will vote against Theresa May’s deal in bid to stop Brexit

The SNP will vote against Theresa May’s deal in a bid to stop Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon has pledged.

In a speech on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said her latest Withdrawal Agreement represented “one last chance” for MPs to deliver on the result of the 2016 EU referendum.

The First Minister said the SNP would not vote for a Bill that takes Scotland out of the EU against its will.

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Brexit: Theresa May to give MPs a vote on second EU referendum
Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to vote against any deal tabled by the Conservatives in a bid to halt Brexit. Picture: TSPL

Ms Sturgeon tweeted: “The PM is asking MPs to vote for a Bill that takes us out of the EU - in Scotland’s case against our will - out of the single market and possibly out of the Customs Union.

“And with no actual commitment to put the deal to a second referendum. The SNP will not do that.

“In PM’s own words ‘if MPs vote against the Bill, they will be voting to stop Brexit’.

“That is what the SNP will do because Scotland did not vote for Brexit. #StopBrexit”.

Mrs May said her Withdrawal Agreement Bill will include a vote on whether to hold a second referendum.

The Prime Minister also suggested failure to reach agreement at the fourth attempt on Brexit would lead to a “nightmare future of permanently polarised politics”.

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