'Democracy denier' Boris Johnson tells SNP to 'change the record' on Scottish independence

Boris Johnson has told the SNP’s Westminster leader to “change the record” after being accused of being a “democracy denier” over his rejection of SNP calls to allow a second Scottish independence referendum.

Ian Blackford went on the offensive following the Prime Minister’s response to a letter from Nicola Sturgeon calling for the power to set the date of another vote on Scotland’s future.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, the SNP MP told Mr Johnson he was merely “strengthening the case for Scottish independence”.

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“The Prime Minister sent a letter to the First Minister of Scotland, rejecting the democratic right of the people of Scotland to have a choice over their own future,” Mr Blackford said.

“This was not a surprise: the Prime Minister is a democracy denier. Can I say to the Prime Minister, as his colleagues privately admit, this position is undemocratic, unacceptable and completely unsustainable.

“The Prime Minister has shown utter contempt for Scottish democracy, for Scotland’s parliament, and for Scotland’s people.

“Does the Prime Minister accept that by ignoring Scotland, imposing Brexit with his pursuance of cruel and punishing policies, that he’s strengthening the case for Scottish independence?”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister responded by saying the SNP’s entire leadership had said Scotland’s decision in 2014 had been a “once in a generation event”.

“It was not only the Right Honorable Gentleman who leads the SNP in this House, it was also Alex Salmond and his protégé Nicola Sturgeon who said at the time of the referendum that it was a once in a generation event - he said it, they said it, they were right then, why have they changed their mind? He is the denier, he is the denier of democracy.”