Scottish independence: unregistered voter call

Picture: BBCPicture: BBC
Picture: BBC
CAMPAIGNERS for Scottish independence have appealed to the country’s ‘missing million’ unregistered voters to ensure they are registered to vote in the referendum.

The Yes Scotland campaign urged people not to miss out on a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to help decide Scotland’s future.

They launched their appeal on the first ever National Voter Registration Day [NVRD] which aims to persuade 250,000 new voters to register across the UK.

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It is estimated that there are one million people in Scotland who could vote but regularly don’t.

River City star Carmen Pieraccini joined Yes Scotland Chief Executive Blair Jenkins, its Operations Manager Sarah-Jane Walls and a team of volunteers as they distributed voter registration forms to commuters outside Paisley’s Gilmour Street Station.

The actress, who plays Kelly-Marie Adams in the TV soap, said: “On September 18 we will be asked as a nation to make the most important decision in our history. It’s vital that all those who are able to vote grab this chance to take part in deciding what kind of country they want Scotland to be.”

Organised by Bite the Ballot, and supported by organisations such as the National Union of Students, ASDA and TeachFirst, NVRD aims to raise the profile of the importance of voting, especially among young people.

There will be activities and ‘registration rallies’ all over Scotland today, with numerous universities, colleges and local authorities participating.

In Glasgow and Renfrewshire and Inverclyde alone, there will be registration events at 12 different campuses.

Sarah-Jane Walls said: “Referendum Day is a landmark in Scotland’s history when the eyes of the world will be upon us. Ensuring the highest possible turnout is vital to our whole democratic tradition.

“Imagine the regret about not taking part in such a monumental decision. And that is why we are appealing to everyone who is entitled to vote to make sure they don’t forgo this amazing opportunity to help shape our country’s future.”

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Bite the Ballot’s Scotland organiser Liam O’Hare said: “There are approximately a million people in Scotland who don’t vote in elections.

“With the independence referendum approaching, there is no better time to engage this ‘missing million’ and help everyone to participate in this pivotal democratic process.”