Scottish independence: Salmond slams No camp

ALEX Salmond has said that “momentum is firmly with the Yes campaign” as the six-month countdown to the referendum approaches.
First Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane BarlowFirst Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow
First Minister Alex Salmond. Picture: Jane Barlow

The First Minister said he believes Scots will choose “hope over fear” by backing an independent Scotland in the vote on September 18.

He described the No campaign as the “most negative campaign in modern political history” and pointed to latest polls showing growing support for the Yes camp. A new survey released on Thursday found support for independence has reached its highest level for more than six months.

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Salmond said: “Six months from now, Scotland’s future will be in Scotland’s hands – it will be a historic day and a unique opportunity for ­everyone who lives and works in this country. And the ­contrast between the two ­campaigns couldn’t be more dramatic.

“On the one hand, there is a Tory-led No campaign of ­Westminster politicians day-tripping to Scotland to lecture and patronise from on high, while at the same time Scottish ministers carry out traditional public meetings in communities across Scotland, meeting ordinary people and answering their questions.”

The latest survey found 39.3 per cent said they would be voting Yes in September’s independence referendum, compared to 47.6 per cent who would vote No. The remaining 13.1 per cent questioned were undecided, according to the survey by firm Survation.

It is the highest support for independence since August last year, when a poll by Panelbase found 44 per cent of people backed independence.

Salmond said Scotland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and said he believes the greatest issue is why so many people do not feel the benefit of that great wealth.

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