Scottish independence round-up: Hama | John Menzies

CATCH up on the day in the Scottish independence debate, with this round-up of stories featured on our dedicated referendum microsite.

For the latest on the Scottish independence debate, visit our dedicated referendum website. Picture: TSPL

A Better Together supporter whose posts on the campaign’s website were removed over her “unacceptable” comments on social media has appeared in the campaign’s most recent referendum broadcast.

In other news, a director of logistics group John Menzies says Scotland would fare better if it remained part of the United Kingdom.

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Every day we highlight some of the most interesting and talked-about articles on the Scottish independence referendum - here are some of today’s best pieces, as featured on our Indyref microsite.

The latest Scotsman supplement on the independence debate looks at the issue of social welfare – the piece features contributions from Nicola Sturgeon, Alex Massie, John Curtice and others.

The Guardian’s Polly Toynbee reflects on this weekend’s Festival of Politics at Holyrood, and analyses suggestions by some supporters of Scottish independence that Scotland’s politics are inherently different from those in the rest of the UK.

Communications firm Portland analyse the social media debate around the Scottish independence referendum.

Australian commentator Warwick McFadyen hits out at the country’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott for his remarks on Scottish independence.

Scottish voters should be prepared for cuts in public spending and the “mothballing” of plans for social welfare reform in the event of independence as the Scottish Government seeks to establish its creditworthiness, writes Bill Jamieson.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has revealed she would like to take over as SNP leader in the future, telling BuzzFeed: “There is nothing wrong in politics with being ambitious, and if the opportunity presents itself, thinking you might like to do the top job”.

Gaelic TV and radio can continue to grow if Scotland remains in the UK, according to chief secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

Paul Cairney, Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling, looks at claims that Scottish independence is necessary to protect Scotland’s NHS and education system.