Scottish independence referendum ‘was well run’

THE referendum on Scottish independence was well run and offers a template for similar votes, according to the Electoral Commission.

The Scottish independence referendum could be used as a template for future votes. Picture: PA

The body tasked with overseeing elections in the UK said that the model for the historic vote could be used for future votes such as the EU referendum, as it published findings from last year’s poll.

The Electorial Commission, which regulates party and election finance and also looks after the conduct and regulations of referendum, revealed that the Better Together campaign, backing the union, spent £1,422,602 while the pro-independence Yes Scotland campaign spent £1,420,800.

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The Commission’s observations included that the regulatory framework ‘worked well overall’ while the decision to give clear guidance early on in the campaign allowed a ‘high level of compliance with the rules’.

John McCormick, head of the Electoral Commission for Scotland, told the BBC: “This report serves to highlight that the Scottish independence referendum remains a good example of a well-run referendum.

“The lessons learnt in Scotland should provide an excellent template for how future referendums should be legislated for, administered and regulated.”

The Westminster government are planning on holding an in / out referendum on Britain’s EU membership before the end of 2017