Scottish independence: Labour in jobs vow

NEARLY 14,000 young people could benefit from Labour’s “job guarantee” if Scotland remains in the UK, according to Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran.

She will contrast the Labour jobs pledge with the one million jobs she says will be put at risk with independence during a visit to Tennent’s Brewery and Training Academy in Glasgow today.

Some 3,615 young people across Scotland who have been out of work for a year or more will be offered jobs under Labour’s scheme, including over 500 in Glasgow, she said.

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Labour’s scheme will also see nearly 14,000 jobs guaranteed for over-25s in Scotland who have been out of work for two years or more, she added.

Ms Curran said: “The UK gives our young people even more opportunities.

“Around one million jobs in Scotland rely on companies based elsewhere in the UK and many more are with companies that rely on trade with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Young people across Scotland can’t afford to have opportunities cut off.

“We want a strong Scotland backed up by a strong United Kingdom. Being part of the UK means that we can share our resources across the country.

“That is why Labour will tax bankers’ bonuses to provide jobs for our young people across Scotland.

“While bank bonuses have been on the rise, many of our young people have been hardest hit by the problems in our economy. We can’t afford for them to be left behind.

“Scots are squeezed between two governments with the wrong priorities.

“Neither the Tories nor the SNP are giving our young people the chances they need to succeed. 140,000 college places have been cut since 2007 - meaning fewer opportunities for young people across the country.”