Scottish independence: Curran complacency warning

SHADOW Scottish secretary Margaret Curran has warned Labour supporters against complacency in the closing stages of the referendum campaign saying the SNP would “say and do anything” to win independence.

Margaret Curran has warned the SNP will 'say anything' to get yes votes. Picture: John Devlin
Margaret Curran has warned the SNP will 'say anything' to get yes votes. Picture: John Devlin

The shadow cabinet minister issued a direct appeal to Labour supporters tempted by independence, who have been targeted by the SNP during the referendum campaign.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last year called on Labour supporters to “Vote yes to reclaim the Labour Party” in a speech to the SNP conference.

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However, Ms Curran warned Labour voters tempted to back the Yes side to “escape the Tories”, and that an independent Scotland would face deeper cuts to public services than any imposed by Westminster.

Ms Curran made the claim as Labour today launches a poster campaign stating that the SNP’s independence plans would put Scotland’s shipyards at risk.

Writing on the Labour List website, she said: “Alex Salmond and the SNP have campaigned for independence for 80 years. For them, the next 17 days offers the chance to achieve what they’ve wanted for all of their political lives. Of course they’re going to say and do anything to get there. That’s why, in the next two weeks, we in the Labour Party can’t afford to be complacent.

“The SNP are trying to win over Labour voters, and we have to be out there fighting for every last one. We’ve seen in elections before what can happen if we’re complacent. I can understand why some people might think that voting yes offers them the chance to escape the Tories.

“But with experts saying that Scotland would start its life with a bigger deficit than the UK, any future Scottish Government would have to make cuts that would surpass the Tories, or significantly raise taxes to make up the difference.”

Better Together leader Alistair Darling will today say that independence would put a million jobs at risk as he launched a new poster campaign in Greenock.