Scottish independence blueprint absent from SNP conference

The SNP leadership has been criticsed for failing to discuss its blueprint for independence at its autumn party conference.

Christopher McEleny, a former candidate to become depute leader of the party, has said it is “absolutely astonishing” that the list of motions to be discussed in October do not include ones on Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission or the currency to be used in an independent Scotland.

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In a series of tweets, Cllr McEleny said there had been at least two motions on the subjects submitted by rank and file members. But in a long list of 32 motions to be discussed at conference, none had made the cut.

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“How can we not be debating the biggest contribution to the independence case since 2014?” Cllr McEleny asked.

A SNP spokesman said the growth commission would be debated at the SNP’s forthcoming National Assemblies.

The conclusions of those discussions would be considered in December or next year’s spring conference.