Scottish Greens launch election manifesto

THE pro-independence Scottish Green Party has refused to call for a vote for other pro-yes parties in seats it is not contesting, as it launched its election manifesto today.

Patrick Harvie. Picture: TSPL

Scottish Green politicians defended the party contesting constituencies being targeted by the SNP such as Labour-held Edinburgh South, where the nationalists are expected to mount a strong challenge in what is a highly marginal seat.

The Greens Party south of the border has pledged to form an anti-austerity bloc with the SNP and Plaid Cymru in the Commons.

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Scottish Green co-leader Patrick Harvie said his party had “common ground with the SNP on some issues” such as the scrapping of Trident, but would not endorse the nationalists in seats such as Gordon, where it is not fielding a candidate and where Alex Salmond is standing.

Mr Harvie said that the “consequence” of a Green vote would be increased support for his party, when he was asked whether his candidates could prevent those it worked alongside in the Yes campaign such as the SNP, from winning key target seats.

The MSP made his remarks as the Scottish Greens launched the party’s election manifesto in Edinburgh, which included plans for a £10-per hour minimum wage and the renationalisation of the railways.