Scottish Green members expelled from party for saying 'sex is a biological reality'

The members were accused of making the party ‘less safe’ for trans and non-binary members

The Scottish Greens have thrown out 13 members for declaring “sex is a biological reality”.

Those who signed the Scottish Green Declaration for Women’s Sex-Based Rights were accused of making the party less safe for trans and non-binary members in an official complaint.

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A total of 14 members were accused of breaching the code of conduct by signing this declaration and the vast majority have been expelled from the party with immediate effect.

The declaration said “sex is a biological reality” and said women have the right to sex-based protections enshrined in the Equality Act.

It also said lesbians are same-sex attracted and declared “women and girls have the right to discuss polices which affect them without being abused, harassed or intimidated”.

The statement said: “We know that globally women, as a sex, are disproportionately affected by climate change and environmental degradation, and that their empowerment is essential to our work as environmentalists.”

The complainants included the then co-conveners of the Rainbow Greens, the party’s LGBT+ wing, and a co-convener of its women’s network and was witnessed by Ross Greer MSP.

They said the signatories failed to “maintain political discipline” and broke rules which ban the undermining of party policy, bullying, “behaviours that constitute prejudice based on sexual orientation or gender identity”, and “behaviours that constitute a threat to others”.

One of those who had their membership cancelled was Topher Dawson, who has been a member of the Greens for 10 years.

He told Holyrood Magazine: “They seem to think that anyone who signed the declaration is transphobic. I have friends who are transgender women.

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“It’s simply that to stretch the definition of ‘woman’ to include people who are not women makes a mockery of all the sex-based protections that have been hard-won by women, for women.

“There is no space to even discuss it - anyone who even attempts to raise the subject is hounded out.”

A Scottish Greens spokesperson said: “We can confirm disciplinary action was taken against 13 individuals over a breach of our membership policy, which has resulted in their immediate expulsion from the party. 

"The welfare of all our members is our primary concern. The CCC process found that the members were in breach of our code of conduct.  Next month is Pride month and we hope this decisive action will send a clear message that we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community now and forever.”



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