Scottish Government to give NHS staff nine per cent pay rise

Paramedics will be among those to get a 9% pay hikeParamedics will be among those to get a 9% pay hike
Paramedics will be among those to get a 9% pay hike
NHS workers in Scotland are to get a nine per cent pay hike over the next three years, it has been confirmed.

The Scottish Government says the increase is highest for health staff across the UK and will affect about 147,000 workers.

The pay rise of three per cent annually for frontline workers was first announced by Nicola Sturgeon at the SNP conference this month. Health Secretary Shona Robison confirmed it will apply for the next three years, making a total of 9%.

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“We were the first government in the UK to lift the pay cap, and today I can confirm we intend to deliver a pay rise of at least nine per cent to our hardworking NHS 'Agenda for Change' staff over the next three years," Ms Robison said.

"We're doing all we can to recruit new talent and retain existing staff, ensuring NHS Scotland has the right skills and experience to meet future demand and rising expectations. Today's announcement will help make our NHS an attractive employment option for many."

The 3% hike will only apply to staff making less than £80,000 a year meaning staff such as nurses, midwives, porters and paramedics are likely to benefit. Managers and other high earners making more than this will get a flat rate increase of £1,600 a year.

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Ms Robison added: "Our NHS is built on the dedication and hard work of healthcare staff up and down the country.

"They are our health service's beating heart, and I'm proud to be offering them this significant pay rise in recognition for the work they do caring for the people of Scotland.