Scottish Affairs Committee begins Brexit inquiry

A committee of MPs begins an inquiry today into Scotland's place in Europe following Brexit.

Peter Wishart. Picture: PA
Peter Wishart. Picture: PA

The Scottish Affairs Committee will begin its probe by questioning experts in constitutional law and politics.

Committee chairman Pete Wishart said: “It is a little over two months since the EU referendum, and we are still no clearer as to what the UK’s relationship with Europe will look like in the future.

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“At this point it is important that we examine how Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to remain, will have its interests represented during the forthcoming negotiations.

“We also need to understand what options exist that would enable Scotland to remain a member of the EU.

“This evidence session will allow us to understand the processes involved in withdrawing from the European Union and identifying the role which Scotland will play in the process going forward.”

MPs will hear from Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, Anniversary Chair in Law and co-director at the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context at Queen Mary University of London; Dr Jo Murkens, associate professor in law at the London School of Economics; Nicola McEwen, professor of territorial politics at the University of Edinburgh; Michael Keating, professor of politics at the University of Aberdeen; and Dr Tobias Lock, a lecturer in EU law at the Edinburgh Law School.

“I am pleased to have two such distinguished panels of witnesses and look forward to hearing their views,” Mr Wishart said.